Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Steve Young, Brigham Young, The Swede, and Chip Lambert

Ann Woo's Photos at tiny vices are calming.

Proposition 8 is wack, mormons are sort of wack (except for my cousins!), Steve Young is not wack (though Mormon), but is a descendant of Brigham Young, who is a historical Mormon Leader with 20 wives, which is wack.

I think some people have genetic predisposition to leadership. He must have had good genes, Brigham Young, to have become the leader of the Mormon church. He was probably tall and athletic. How does that work, then, that people who are tall and athletic make more money on average and generally achieve more.

This is sociologically proven. Each inch on your height is exquivalent to like, 2000 a year in salary. Most of these big leaders probably never had to be physical, like Steve Young.

But people look up to them or follow them regardless. I will argue that these people suffer less form depression and failure. They probably have higher self esteem, which is reinforced by their subjects. A literary character who is a big leader is 'The Swede,' from American Pastoral, who suffers a 'downfall' which is analogous or stands for an American Downfall. I like the Swede, but these big leaders are my spiritual enemy.

I liked the Corrections because I feel like Chip sometimes. Chip is smart, but he is an academic and a loser. He is depressed, too. I think he is funny. He is analogous or symbolic of American Academic/Cultural Downfall.

Brigham Young: People subjugated themselves to him, or wanted to, for whatever reason. And those are the same leader genes, physical characteristics that made Steve a good football player.

Also, and aside. Mormons don't really believe in what that Joseph Smith said. He was a liar, and he was full of shit. Watch southpark. It would take phenomenal denial to not see that. But I understand the draws of the church like any religion.

Religion can provide meaning, identity, purpose. It can provide friends. Are religions just like scenes? Except they're harder to leave?

Yes, a religion is like the best scene you could ever be a part of, where the people are nice, and care about you. But they are not so creative, maybe.