Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 New Years Recomendations

January first is a day for self betterment. Here are some things you might consider:

1) Having all of your thoughts and experiences cohere into an over-riding worldview that you could articulate clearly in conversation.

2) Studying the Alexander technique. The Alexander technique is for actors who need to have perfect posture. I think improving your posture would cause people to behold you with greater respect. I think this is subconscious; primal, even. One day you could have better posture and after a while you are successful. Take it from me.

3) Reading more canonical works of literature. The canon is large and full of books that you will probably get no feeling or satisfaction from. But I think you can feel more connected to your culture, and maybe more useful in conversation with intelligent people.

4) Watching more canonical films. Same as above. There are loads of boring films in the canon.

5) Paying for music more often. If you believe in karma and if you believe that downloading torrents is stealing. I am not sure.

6) Take care of your body by eliminating refined sugars, adding a greens+ and a multivitamin to your daily routing, and exercizing once per two days. Do not develope muscles that look purposeless or excessive. They will only alienate people. Go heavy on cardio. Your health will affect your cognitive functioning and mood, and increase your likelihood of accomplishing anything that requires the commitment, consent, or help of other people who you see in person. Try not to drink too much. Try not to spend entire days in bed after New Years day. Try not to barf up turkey sausages this morning.